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MudCity Hockey is immersing itself in the thrilling world of Card collecting, where every player is a unique gateway to strategy and nostalgia!  Build the ultimate squad as you gather rare athletes featuring a variety skills and abilities. 


MudCity Hockey is a turn base strategy game. Playing with the classic rules of 3v3 hockey.  The goal is to acquire player cards and command your crew to win the game at all cost. 

Using a 20 sided dice, 3 forwards and 1 goalie per side. The first team to reach 5 goals first will take home bragging rights! 

Ages 5+ I 2-8 Players I 15-20 Minutes is the average game length. 



Each unique card is a gateway to iconic characters, and exciting gameplay. Character cards are 3.5" x 2.5" and designed to last a lifetime.

Characters has four actions they can perform per turn.

Speed:  A player’s “speed” represents the number of tiles it can move with or without the puck.  Players cannot share a tile with any others.

Pass:  This is the maximum number of open squares a character can push the puck. The puck must travel in a straight line through connecting tiles.

Check:  When standing next to a player with the puck, you can perform a “check” to steal it from him. Characters roll their dice against each other. Add this number to the roll. Highest number gains possession.  Goalie's are fair game!  Crash the net after an amazing save to take it from him.

Shoot:  This number is added to your roll whenever you decide to chance a score on goal.  The total dice roll must be higher than the tile's # to score.  If you don’t score, the goalie gets immediate possession of the puck.

Faceoff:  Centermen roll their dice against each other. Add the player’s “faceoff” to his roll. The team with highest number gains possession to begin the game.

Save:  Minus a goalie’s “save” from the shooter’s role. if the goalie is not in his crease when the oppositions shoots... An automatic goal is awarded.



The MudCity game board is one giant mouse pad (3' x 4') that easily rolls up when time to put away.

To Begin the game:

  1. Teams pick their cards and lay them on any tile within their zone (3 Forwards and 1 Goalie).
  2. The cards who take the face off must touch the center tile. 
  3. Centers roll their dice against each other. The highest role gains possession of the puck to begin.
  4. Take turns moving one player at a time, using every possible action once.
  5. First team to reach 5 goals wins the game!



Each card has it's own unique skill set.  Kid's learn the best way to adapt to team strengths, weaknesses and then develop their own strategies.  MudCity trains young athletes to see the larger scope of hockey.

  • Be too aggressive and you may give up many goals against.
  • Dump and chase the puck if the opposing team isn't as fast
  • Pass it back to the point in order to set up a special play

The fun, strategy and imagination is endless!


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